About Us


At Abana Estates, our mission is to create a home that is perfectly tailored to suit your lifestyle. By matching you with the right architects and engineers for your project, and providing you with the best project management, support staff and on-site team available, we are able to take your vision and transform it into your dream home.

Our Story

The Abana Estates team has been offering clients a complete professional homebuilding package for over 16 years, but our story begins much earlier than that.

Sharam Rad funded Abana in 2001 while he had extensive experience as project manager in number of award winning low-rise construction in lower mainland. As Sharam began working with large and reputable real estate developers, he became fascinated with space saving designs and renovation techniques. This passion for thoughtfully crafted, unique re-design led Sharam to shift his focus, once he funded Abana, from larger commercial buildings to single-family homes.

That change in direction has moulded Abana Estates into what we are today: an award-winning home building team, and always committed to creating homes of the highest quality.

Our Process

Perfect homes aren’t built by accident. Abana employs skilled in-house carpenters and experienced administrative support to ensure project deadlines and budgetary goals are respected. Our network of highly experienced professional architects and engineers is able to solve even the toughest design riddle.

Approaching a new home construction or a renovation can be overwhelming at times; we believe in educating our clients throughout the entire process so that they can enjoy the experience of seeing their ideas and dreams becoming reality.

Whether you have questions to ask, ideas to share, or simply want to stay up-to-date with the design and building of your home, our online platform ensures that you are as involved as you want to be, every step of the way.